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Art of the Rifle: Team Duel

WHEN:            July 22-23, 2017

TIME:              7:30 AM start both days

WHERE:        LRC Facility, Three Forks Montana

This event will encompass multiple static stages, dynamic stages, and a Team Vs Team engagement.



DAY ONE: Two long range rifles, bolt or semi-auto.

DAY TWO: One long range rifle, one Modern Sporting Rifle (AR platform), one pistol per each team member (9mm NATO—45ACP). MSR’s are limited to .223/5.56 NATO with a maximum barrel length of 22 inches. As the MSR stages may have targets up to 600 yards, it is recommended to have an optic with magnification abilities.


We will have two classes for long range rifles this match, they are as follows:

Open Division- Any caliber of rifle under .300 Winchester Magnum. At no time shall a muzzle velocity exceed 3200 fps.

Limited Division– .308 or .223/5.56. This division is designed to keep the “arms race” out of the event. Both team members must utilize a caliber restricted to this division.

  • The .308 is limited to a 175 grain bullet only (any manufacturer), with a maximum velocity of 2750 fps.
  • The .223/5.56 is limited to a 77gr bullet only (any manufacturer), with a maximum velocity of 2950 fps. No wildcat cartridges are allowed (e.g. .223 AI).


Come prepared to shoot in positions other than prone. Supports such as shooting sticks, tripods and bipods that exceed 15” fully extended will be limited on a stage to stage basis. Each team member may have 2 support bags, one rear and one general support bag. The general support bag will be no larger than 12”x10”. Backpacks will be allowed as rifle and or positional support on most stages.

All targets may be ranged with any device, electronic or otherwise, and will be of known distance on all stages unless specifically stated otherwise on stage.



Shooter One: 200 rifle and 30 rounds pistol

Shooter Two: 125 rifle, 80-100 rounds carbine, and 30 rounds pistol.

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