The Range

LRC Phase #1 – Current Phase 0-50 Members | Year 1 vision
During this phase, the initial facility start up, we are steadily building the facility’s foundation.  During this phase we will be:

  • Reaching out for new members, particularly veteran long range shooters for VIP status, to volunteer as Range Officers and to assist with logistics
  • Paying for and setting up the long range portion of the range
  • Perfecting access points and facility security
  • Building a comprehensive and interactive facility website
  • Developing rules and procedures signage

LRC Phase #2 – 50-150 Members | Year 2 vision

Beginning this phase will be the completion of the construction of the long range portion of the range. During this time we will be:

  • Begin construction of static pistol bays
  • Begin reaching out to other regional clubs in the Northwest to build a Field Practical Rifle League.
  • Reach out to as many Montana based firearms related businesses as possible to showcase their products and provide us with sponsorship support.
  • Start a Junior League local youth to begin competitive training in firearm sports– free of charge.
  • Facilitate a Multi-gun match to be ran once/twice a year

Phase #3 – 150-250+ Members | Year 5 vision

  • National level events for Field Practical Rifle, and facilitate regional Precision Rifle and 3-Gun Nation matches
  • Facilitator to multiple training events allowing trainers from around the world to come teach at LRC
  • Build our Junior League into a school affiliated program
  • Add Major range improvements wherever necessary to enhance facility quality and function