The LRC Montana Project

Liberty. Responsibility. Community.  Introducing Montana’s newest premiere firearms community.

LRC Montana is an evolving, multi-faceted shooting facility that revolves around the formation of a community. We currently consist of long range static lane with reactive steel targets out to 1,400 yards, a mid range course for carbine, and a full 6 station Long Range Practical field course.

LRC Montana, by the time of completion, will not only provide you with the most diverse range facility in Montana, but we will also offer training courses, competitive events, and a home where you can mingle with family and friends that truly share your passion for liberty. We are resolute to create an atmosphere where you will be able to excel in the field of precision shooting to the extent that you want. Whether practicing ranging with your optics, running through complex multi-gun lanes, training for competition, or just hitting steel at 1,400 yards, we offer a full array of resources to help you achieve your goals.

Why We Do This

At LRC Montana you will find not only the most diverse range in Montana, but you will also find a philosophy, a philosophy based on three core principals: Liberty, Responsibility and Community. We truly believe that we were created as sovereign entities with “certain unalienable rights“, of which Liberty stands front and center. In order to exercise this most natural human state we must demonstrate true personal responsibility… and safe firearm mastery is an essential aspect of this.
LRC is completely dedicated to foster a community committed to training, supporting and growing into a family of like minded individuals, a close knit family of dedicated marksmen and women that are impassioned with becoming more accomplished shooters. We firmly believe that we cannot achieve greatness without this.